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From:     poll
Category: Art
Date:     28 May 2008
Time:     05:53 AM


I suppose the underlying premise of a lot of "too many immigrants" feeling is that if there are more of 
an ethnic/national/cultural group you belong to where you live it is better. But actually if you think about 
it that is not always the case. You get white Brits moving to spain or france or africa or india and they 
do so to live in a different culture, you get people moving to "better areas" so they can be with people 
of a different social class, you get artists living in poorer/more ethnic areas because it's cheaper and 
they are inspired by diversity, you got colonialists who went where there were more opportunities, and 
you get modern immigrants who often go to areas where they are in a small minority presumably also 
for a better life. 

Difference is also not always seen as a problem when viewed under the name variety. Maybe OAPS 
find it hard to accept when the place where they live changes, even if it is for the better. But unless you 
believe that whites are somehow inherently superior what is the big problem with many non-whites 
living in "your" area, what harm does it do you for other people to do different things from you, speak 
different languages, or eat different food. The problem is in your head and it's called racism for there 
is no evidence to suggest that non-whites are less law abiding or respectful or whatever you want 
than whites of equivalent wealth. You cannot really feel annoyed, and only humanly disturbed and 
fearful of change, that people, the often exceptionally hard working and ambitious people who make it 
to Britain, are living in "your" country. 

Firstly why shouldn't things change, during colonialism and slavery there was not huge sympathy for 
the idea of leaving cultures undisturbed, secondly the change is only negative if you are stuck with a 
nostalgic view of pre-immigration England, actually a place with extreme class divisions and poverty 
and large numbers of unemployed. Thirdly why are the views and needs of the indigenous population 
more important than the immigrants (what do they think?), we're all human with a god given right to 
pursue our happiness.

You'd now still be more likely to marry a black woman than a posh one if you are a white working 
class man. And the Drimples of this world, with their articles presenting not a shred of statistical 
evidence, in their phony reasonable tones are quiet about the lack of social mobility for white working 
class people and prefer to stir up resentment against brown folk.

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