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Re: physiological determinism

From:     blp
Category: Life
Date:     27 May 2008
Time:     07:27 PM


I did try to acknowledge that nature was usually a shit argument, then pointed out why it seemed to
work in this instance. Instead of answering any of my points about why that is, you've just
conflated the particular with the general, snapping back to pointing out that it's usually a shit
argument and using the bullying 'racists did it' manoeuvre to try to show how bad it is. 

Do I have to just keep making the same points over and over again? Did I really express myself that
badly? When I referred to the marginalisation of the female orgasm, I was talking about precisely
the history of devalued feminine sexuality to which you refer. But the situation's changed, as cappy
nun also points out, so that the female orgasm is now seen as a matter of vital importance. All I'm
saying is, in a situation where that's the case, mightn't the marginalisation of female ejaculation
be down to something other than sexism? to whit. the basic mysteriousness of the whole thing. I'll
say it again: plenty of women, who are otherwise clued up about their sexuality and quite unashamed
of asking for what they want, don't ask for this. 

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