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physiological determinism

From:     sexist
Category: Life
Date:     26 May 2008
Time:     04:19 PM


Most of this stuff: it's like that because that's how we are designed is usually a lot of crap to justify 
cultural prejudices. For example the history of proving (scientifically) that non-whites have lower 
capacities for various things, science and pop-biology is used to back up prejudice. 

Very generally in western culture women were valued for chasteness, viriginity etc, whilst men were 
expected to have  sexual experience before marriage and often during it with women other than their 
wife, this leads "naturally" to the idea that women have less interest in sex and less understanding of 
women's sexual experience. It is of course more complicated than that. But the point is of course a 
society where men have had greater power than women (do you deny this?) thus leads to culture and 
science (largely these areas have been defined by men) giving less understanding and importance to 
women's sexual experience. 

Just because you guys are so ignorant about female ejaculation don't act out your sense of frustration 
and embarrassment by not accepting sexism's role in your ignorance.

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