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rebutt rebuked

From:     cappy nun
Category: Art
Date:     26 May 2008
Time:     12:19 PM


Hmmm... despite not being the reviewer responsible for the previously criticised syntax I feel
galvanised to point the finger at blp for his own dodgy syntax in 'rebutt', especially conspicuous
in the second paragraph where it renders the meaning of its final sentence somewhat opaque. I agree
with a lot of blp's points as I understand them, but  the tone and examples chosen are provocative.
Plus he muddles in a lot of new ideas that are not so relevant (women pumping men's egos etc.). 

blp, you say the female orgasm is marginalised. Is this what you meant to say or did you mean the
female g-spot orgasm is marginalised? If you meant that the portrayal of all types of female orgasm
are marginallised (by society, media etc) then that's bullshit - the media is saturated, so to
speak, with female orgasms. Did you mean that the g-spot orgasm is marginalised? That doesn't follow
from what you say later about it being hotly debated. And the whole point of the g-spot is that it
IS positioned so as to be stimulated by the penis in ordinary penetrative sex.

Problematic in the original post by Coffee: the idea that cuming by stimulating the g-spot is the
way to create ejaculate (if it possible to produce a g-spot orgasm with no ejaculate , as a kind of
control experiment, does that mean ejaculate is pee after all?); the logic and logistics of using
female ejaculation to explain post coital trips to the loo; the implication that women who ejaculate
are more in touch with their bodies and are more sexually and socially liberated (body fascism); the
claim that society is sexist because it does not give female ejaculation the same recognition as
male ejaculation.

I agree with blp that the reason female ejaculation is not more conspicuous is physiological rather
than social. I think women are generally more different one to the other in terms of how they get
their sexual pleasure than men are to each other and that's no bad thing. This is not to say that
all men are the same, but the pattern is more determined. Rather than demand equality according to
one sexual model with a particular set of ingredients, let's just accept that there is no one way to
please all women and this is a strength - their sexual partners (male or female, this conversation
has been very hetro) will have to find out how they like to get off. I think women have moved beyond
looking at their vaginas through hand-mirrors in group counselling sessions as a prelude to social
revolution. Everyone's different.

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