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Re: what you found on google about women ejaculating

From:     blp
Category: Art
Date:     25 May 2008
Time:     08:17 PM


I love the thing about the fluid being exactly the same as male ejaculate except for the sperm.
Makes sense anyway, given that women get wet when sexually aroused. 

But if I could just go back to Coffee's original post, specifically, ahem...'Female ejaculation and
the general lack of knowledge about women's genitals is all part of our male centric view of sex'.
Aside from the mildly mangled syntax, I think we know what you were getting at. Do you really really
honestly believe this? The obvious point: from the age of about 12 or 13, males cum pretty much
non-volitionally. There's no mystery about it and you don't have to do google searches to learn
techniques for making it happen. It just happens. We can and literally do do it in our sleep. I'm
not generally a great one for resorting to nature as an argument (as Brecht said, we should be wary
of regarding what is common as what is naturally ordained), but in this instance, I can't help
noticing that there's also a certain basic biological necessity about the process, one that you
can't ascribe to the female equivalent. 

Sorry, you can lay a lot at the door of sexism and phallocentrism, but I think it's a bit of a duff
line, this thing about the general lack of knowledge about women's genitals. Just for starters,
there are plenty of women who don't really know what to do with a man's genitals. 

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