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Re: Tories win dunwoody by-election

From:     blp
Category: Life
Date:     24 May 2008
Time:     08:50 PM


Things weren't really better under Thatcher though were they? You were just younger and still lived
at home. 

The main thing that got worse under Labour is that the possibility of ever having a Labour
government receded. To a microscopic dot on the far horizon.  

Oh and then there was the thing about having a government that went to war on a false prospectus and
allowed extraordinary rendition flights from UK airports and sacked the ambasador to Uzbeckistan
because he criticised the government there for flaying the skin from its own citizens in cauldrons
of boiling water and wanted to keep people in prison without trial and change the law so you can
stop criminal investigations if they could be said to be a threat to national security, which is
what they did over the BAE Saudi deals inquiry even though it wasn't legal at the time, but the
judges who threw out the decision, which they are now appealing, said probably wasn't stopped for
national security reasons anyway, that was just an excuse. Hey, wait a minute, maybe it has been
worse. But wouldn't the Tories have done things the same way, because wasn't all that part of the
new sort of new Special Relationship post 9/11 'torture is a no brainer' Cheney mind? 

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