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Female Ejaculation

From:     Coffee
Category: Life
Date:     23 May 2008
Time:     06:33 AM


Post sex I went for a piss, "Women always go for a piss after sex" said man in bedroom. I don't know 
but I guess this is true. Just within the vagina is a bumpy area (yes the G - Spot, women all have it, 
and at first it may not feel like much but touch it gently and it will respond, grow and in doing so create 
ejaculate. I don't know, may be most women are all repressed which is why so few ejaculate, but don't 
be surprised that you may need a piss post sex, most of this piss will be made up of ejaculate).

Perhaps this term is all too male for us, squirting, spurting are most often used for this mysterious sex 
act. It may come as a surprise to many that all women have the ability to ejaculate whether or not they 
do, and whether or not they know that they could if they wanted to is all part of the our repressed 
world. Female ejaculation and the general lack of knowledge about women's genitals is all part of our 
male centric view of sex (only the clitoris has made an appearance, the rest is just a dark hole of 
nothing, with some eggs menacing us deep within), it's not just a trick for porn stars and a few 
females, itís a possibility for everyone. Factors that effect ability to ejaculate will be how strong your 
pelvic floor muscles are, your mental state, and thatís about it. Mental state counts for a lot. A fraction 
of the population might have a very small G-Spot some where unreachable, but it does exist. 
Ejaculate is clear and has little or no odour - you will know that it is not piss, it doesn't smell like it - 
though like sperm etc. it comes out of the urethra. There are a whole load of sex toys for G-Spot 
stimulation, but a finger does well. If you want to try ejaculating your self I suggest you masturbate, it 
might be easier than attempting with a friend - so strong is our natural instinct to hold on and resist a 
sensation to urinate that relaxing in your own company may be the best thing. I speak for myself.

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