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Bin Laden celebrates 60 years of Israel

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Category: Art
Date:     16 May 2008
Time:     04:45 AM


"I welcome the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of this plucky nation. Rising from the ashes of 
the holocaust like a phoenix in its ancient and historic homeland the jewish people have built up a 
state that is a credit to the world. Although the palestinians note that this date in their history as the 
catastrophe, it is time for us to work as brothers for a two state solution which gives dignity and 
security to both noble peoples. The rise and fall of the tide lead sandcastles falling and empires 
disappearing but no kind man should continue to argue about the existence of Israel, for it is the 
world's only balwark against the malaise of anti-semitism that has nearly led to the non-existence of 
the Jews. Peoples and states may migrate and prosper or wither on the vine but that is God's will and 
not the provenance or right of us to call to destroy. Peace to you all."

O. Bin Laden 2008

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