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maoz falafel old compton street london

From:     foodie
Category: Consumer
Date:     28 April 2008
Time:     05:46 AM


The interesting thing about falafel is that it isn't very interesting. It's the big salad bar and the sauces 
that taste good. The falafel is sort of a dry grainy fried pellet. But this place offers a meal (drink, falafel 
and refill salad, and chips) for 4.90 in soho, and that is good value when a beer can cost more at the 
coach and horses (hoegarden over 5). One member of staff is quite rude in a friendly way, but some 
of our constrained Enlgish cousins can take this humour the wrong way. The red cabbage and little 
pickled aubergine type things are good, and you need to soak the falafel in green chilli and coriander 
and maybe some garlic sauce or tahini. One feels a little shy about going up to the salad bar for 
repeats, but don't fear if you have the big meal it's perfectly legal. 

If the thing that formed the basis of this vaguely nutritional meal was better (say lamb or even fried 
mexican bean burgers) than it would be truely delicious, at the moment it is just an oasis of okness for 
cashstarved non meat eaters.

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