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Re: The Rebel Magazine how to make it even better

From:     blp
Category: Art
Date:     18 April 2008
Time:     08:06 AM


Bear in mind that there are a lot of magazines out there 'really trying to take' their 
graphics 'somewhere'. Nothing wrong with a bit of well-judged restraint too, especially if the first 
hurdle is just to get it past looking amateurish in a bad, church circular, provincial financial services 
brochure way. I think I could do something with it and I'd like to have a try. The first one, by the by, 
where you played it straighter, I think did look better.

As for content, the coach and horses approach for the Free Art Fair was effective. How about trying 
something similar - starting with a big page of scribbles, doodles, notes? Not necessarily for 
publication, though some of it might make it in, but as a way of working out what should be in the 

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