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Re: Dismembering The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

From:     blp
Category: Films
Date:     18 April 2008
Time:     07:52 AM


Eh oui. C'est ridicule, alors: un hospital completement plein des femmes sexy. Or. Leching was OK 
this time because the lech, he was doomed. What does it mean, this movie? What is the meaning of 
its beauty in particular? Is it meaningless? - in the sense that this profoundly debilitating thing 
happened to this man for no reason and then he found himself surrounded by beauty for no reason 
either? Is this redemptive? Is it that the central character, having been brought low, nevertheless 
discovers a world of beauty? No, because it's not different enough from his old life as a high-powered 
fashion journalist, particularly in its repleteness with beautiful women. Even his own attire in his new 
life remains intensely stylish. Utlimately, it seems the meaning must be that this is a highly bearable, 
non-disturbing version of extreme disablement, one where everything unendurable about it is left or 
nullified, rendered palatable through sentimentalised 'good taste', to whit. style. Voila la secrete de 
son success. 

A separate, but related question: exactly how badly does it reflect on Tom Waits that his music can be 
used so seamlessly in a movie like this? Badly, I would say. Worse than it reflects on the Velvet 
Underground, somehow.

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