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jerwood painting prize 2008/ jerwood contemporary painters

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     17 April 2008
Time:     07:08 AM


Johan Andersson 
Varda Caivano 
Gordon Cheung 
Ross Chisholm 
Simon Collins 
Tom Crawford 
Matthew Draper 
Elinor Evans 
Andrew Griffiths 
Nadia Hebson 
GŁnther Herbst 
Sally Kindberg 
Sophie Lascelles 
Andrea Medjesi-Jones 
Yuko Nasu 
Alicia Paz 
Michael Samuels 
Chris Smith 
Caroline Walker 
James Wright 

long list. the show not bad. looked like a good MA degree show. All the artists get some money which 
is good. prizes: do they work?

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