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The Rebel Magazine Article: Why I love Banksy, by Jasper Joffe

From:     ingratiating indignant invigilator...
Category: Art
Date:     09 April 2008
Time:     12:13 PM


Note to Mr. Joffe:

You big creep! How dare you attack Banksy, when you know that I adore him. Yes, that's right. Simply
adore the mysterious man of destiny, Robin-the-hood, etc.

It's true, I passionately detest all graffiti and wish they would pass a bill similar to
Singapore's, where not only are graffiti artists caned but honest citizens like myself should be
allowed to cane them, if they are spotted in the act.  Funnily enough, Switzerland was the only
place I've lived, where this bill may actually be passed.

However, there is only one thing I hate more than graffiti and that is cheaply done, badly aging
mid-century architecture (par example: Center Point or anthing resembling Center Point, par example:
every single grimey shot of Smiley's People). 

Monsieur le Banksy is doing us all a community service by providing wit and light entertainment,
whilst waiting for that evasive '5-15 minute' red bus or being stepped on by the millions of
agressive pedestrians in Central London!

He is not an 'artist' and I agree his paintings should not fetch real money, although I would not be
adverse to people backpaying him as a 'performance artist'.  In fact, I think the only thing that
bothers you about this fellow is that he is being paid as a proper artist. If we run out of the
Banksies of this world, who will be left to go on Jonathon Ross?

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