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myTino: The world's leading Online Outsourcing Network. 08/04/2008

From:     Oscar
Category: Art
Date:     08 April 2008
Time:     03:29 AM


I found this website and it was somewhat confusing for me. I didn't know what it was
about in the beginning, but then I started clicking on the different tabs there and found out that
it was actually an online outsourcing platform. Kind of like what Elance is doing, but with the
advantage of being based in China.

I'm skeptical about this and I wonder, who outsources to China? Also, I know that everything in
China is much cheaper than everywhere in the world and also quality standards aren't as high as in
developed countries, but does this apply also to intangible services like web design, graphic design
and translation?

I found this site attractive because of how low the budgets for getting a job done are, compared to
one of my friends' web development agencies in L.A. But are the jobs well-done? I saw some
"provider" intellect works in the "provider" section of the website and saw some nice stuff, but is
this real? 

Anyway, I'll post a Buyer ad cause it's for free and tell you what happened.

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