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Further thoughts from the web on Robert Mugabe's moustache

From:     blp
Category: Art
Date:     07 April 2008
Time:     06:29 AM


The view from Wikipedia sheds little light, but does mention it:

Quote from 
At the risk of sounding ridiculous, there is one thing that everyone notices but rarely mentions about 
Mugabe: his mustache. That small, distinctive streak of dark hair just under his nose is Hitleresque. 
Not a perfect match -- Hitler's was more of a square, Mugabe's is narrower -- but one can't help 
making the comparison, however unfair and stupid that might be. In fact, many political cartoonists 
who dislike Mugabe draw on the Hitler comparison. I never asked, but I can't help thinking: Is Mugabe 
being deliberately provocative? Or does his style of facial hair have no political symbolism 
whatsoever? end Quote.

The Times' satirical take:
'I have a moustache?...I cannot see this moustache, though my eyes are not what they used to be.' 

If there's a Zimbabwean tradition behind it, no one seems to know about it. 

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