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Sex Tourism

From:     Sexia
Category: Life
Date:     04 April 2008
Time:     08:36 AM


I have a friend who is obsessed with South East Asian women so much so that it really can only be 
defined as a fetish - not that I have problem with fetishism that doesn't break any sensible laws. 

However currently holidaying in South East Asia has highlighted the flip side of a particular interest in 
South East Asian women the ever growing phenonema of Sex Tourism.  Overweight generally 
European gentlemen salavating over tiny young girls, ordering personal services in the massage 
palours or even preordering their desires on the phone or net before embarking on their seedy 
holiday.  Lust is a marketing tool and bargain priced sex is a fast growing consumer good.  Women 
are advertised as the Asian sterotype of being totally accomodating to men and this is the only 
cultural reference ever aired.

Sadly in any capitalist society sex is a commodity to be bought and sold like any other and as these 
South East Asian Countries enter into the global market they only have the two options expolitation by 
the West or an opportunity of maket share in home grown products....

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