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Re: Guardians' In Pictures: Life before death

From:     Eva
Category: Life
Date:     02 April 2008
Time:     07:23 PM


I was lying in bed thinking about what I'd just written and another image from today presented
itself, from here:

"She had taken cocaine and sleeping tablets at the time, and hot water burns covered 60% of her body. 
[..] Burns over Miss Collins' body and face, including her tongue, were consistent with being
immersed in very hot water"

It's the burnt tongue that makes the 60% burns real. All we get in the news is descriptions of young
women's bodies. If not murdered then even death by misadventure warrants a sensational story that
has us imagining a naked red body with a burnt tongue. Or a head on a beach found by children. Is
this death now?

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