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BBC News website redesign

From:     Eva
Category: Consumer
Date:     31 March 2008
Time:     02:27 PM


Cleaner, less 'busy' and, finally, standards compliant. The adverts are more discreet on the sides
(odd you only get the ads when out of the UK). I don't know if the redesign has ads for UK users
too. All that's needed now is an improvement of the content. Why is this website so full of crap?
It's even worse than the BBC's broadcast news (I wouldn't have thought  it was possible). It's full
of domestic family tragedies  and 'quirky' stories imported from the USA. It's annoying that if
you're looking for a particular news item from a country outside of the UK (like an election or
major natural disaster that's not made the front page 'cos another local kid's missing), if it's not
highlighted and you click on the country you just get a naff country profile - non-revisionist
school geography style. 

BBC News: been trying harder but should concentrate on content as well as appearance - can do a lot

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