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"Catch me if you can" (2002) on tv last Sunday

From:     Remi
Category: TV
Date:     28 March 2008
Time:     10:35 AM


I didn't realise this film was so long, I had in fact only seen half of it last time it was. I still didn't get to 
see it all, so it will have to join that litany of films I have seen several times, but never whole. "The 
Bounty" I think I've seen 4 times in different segments. I digress.

Very much enjoyed the film. Got into di Caprio's character. It's probably the film that relates most to 
my life, which is perhaps a cause for concern coming from a student doctor. Though I hasten to add in 
the sense of trying out different professions: lawyer, teacher, doctor (my current one), airline pilot (I 
haven't ruled it out). Offbeat relationship that develops between Hanks and di Caprio's characters 
brings some depth (of sorts) to the proceedings.

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