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I Like Tilmans (related to earlier Rodchenko arguments)

From:     J
Category: Art
Date:     26 March 2008
Time:     04:15 AM


To use Tilmans as your example of a bad photographer, post ideology, carelessly dogmatic, 
whatever, is a mistake. The value is his work and other exponents of the snapshottish picture of 
something that looks good/ catches their eye, is precisely that overconstructed ideological work is 
further from the way I look at the world. I see pictures by Tilmans that look like moments I experience, 
and that is good. It may be that his style becomes a cliche, what doesnt?, but nonetheless he and 
others add to the number of images in the world that touch a nerve, provoke a feeling of nostaliga, 
make me feel a feeling. 

(ps if you give your posts in response to posts NEW TITLES that will make them easier to follow)

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