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Re: South Bank Show on art and 68 revolutionary movements

From:     blp
Category: TV
Date:     19 March 2008
Time:     05:02 AM


Yeah, like, 'narcissist'? Amateur psychologist heal thyself, Mr. Stoppard. I thought Melvyn was
licking Stoppard's ass in particular, as in, (sheepishly) well I did go to Grosvenor Square, I'm
sorry, was that wrong, oh maitre, oh famously smartest guy in the room? Still, I think it's unfair
of you to have a go at Stoppard for his lips. Can we try to keep this ad argumentum and,
psychologically, ad hominem? 

For some reason, every time I tried to type Stoppard's name in that review above, and I do mean
every time, I typed 'Stoppart', as in 'Stop Art'. The D and the T key aren't next to each other and
are typed, by touch-typers such as I anyway, with different hands, so I guess it must have been  a
mental thing. 

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