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Re: Henry Krokatsis, See Better Daze at the David Risley Gallery

From:     bloodbean
Category: Art
Date:     15 March 2008
Time:     10:19 AM


 This review  (See Better Daze at David Risley) is dumb in precisely in its own terms. Is the reviewer 
actually capable of thought?  or too interested in sounding clever and triumphant for that?   You sound 
like you need a holiday or to produce something youre satisfied with or something.   The only wishy-
washy thing I can see is your attitude  to anything except your own self-regard and self-
celebratory "wit".   People dont generally respond to drivel like this because they know what it is, and 
know better than to aurgue with fools.  Personally, I have ten minutes spare and couldnt give a shit.
If subjectively dead, literal readings, gross generlisations and cynicism based upon some fantasy-
laden personal gripe and insecurity in the face of anything you dont understand have to be your thing I  
suggest you  refrain from embaressing yourself further until you actually have something to say.  

I'm not a writer as such but I saw this show.  It was definitely "showy" in it's presentation, allthough the 
work itself, whilst beautifully constructeded ( from found materials such as the remnants of votive 
candles and broken window panes), was also gritty, seductive and sensitive enough to hold its own, 
relying on neither the shows title nor lights for it's presence.   In fact, despite being personally 
seduced by this presence, what really made me care about this show was that I was still having 
thoughts about it weeks later.  The Glass piece in particular.  Theres almost certainly quite a complex 
(rather than complicated)  thinking at work, which is not limited only to "cerebral" or "clever" thinking.  
So I had quite a few interesting thoughts about this show, allthough I am not going to attempt to 
articulate them here, which is perhaps a shame, but then If you didnt find it there, I doubt very much 
youd find it here either, even if I did.        

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