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TATE ETC. Magazine website

Category: ArtBooks
Date:     10 March 2008
Time:     10:21 AM


TATE ETC. magazine has had a redesign but still shows its entire back content online. I use it for
dissertation notes as you can search for a particular artist or period and it will look through the
whole archive.

The old site was reasonably clunky, attempting to use the design features of the print version
(bespoke headline fonts and layouts designed by Cornel Windlin). The new pages have been stripped of
background and are now a clean sparkling white, which gives a sharper focus to the images. The
images themselves are different to the ones used in the print version, so you get to see some
extras, such as Francis Picabia on a bike, apparently one of the very few times he didn't drive
anywhere, due to the petrol shortage in 1940. I would like to see Poem of the Month return as this
has been left off the new functionality, but the site is really easy and smooth to use, and the
design is simple yet fresh. 

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