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willy wankers wonky chocolate factory

From:     telly
Category: Art
Date:     09 March 2008
Time:     03:31 PM


A fuck-up of a program. Willy must be a friend of the producers or commissioner. He is utterly 
charmless, a person you don't even enjoy disliking. A promotional film for his silly chocolate or a 
reality show on him setting up his crappy company or a pilot for his new cooking show? The show has 
little narrative flow/ a  sense that it follows a real sequence of events. It is constantly interrupted by his 
revolting cookery sketches. In the second show we finally get drawn out attempts to market his 100% 
bar, and his equally awful wife ( though you do feel sorry for her and the children) pretending she is 
using it as a dieting aid, perhaps willy dyes his overlong hair with it too. Willy he be succesful? Is willy 
his real name? did they come up with the show title and then make it solely on the basis of a bad pun?

Why I am watching this again? Because it's willy or monty don and his 100000001 gardens, a choice 
between one gormless posh twat and an unpleasant posh twat. 

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