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artist neale howells mission gallery swansea wales uk.

From:     neale howells
Category: Art
Date:     15 February 2008
Time:     10:34 AM


              this exhibition is a change for me... when given the opportunity to have this show i decided 
that if i did it then it was about doing something different... as it happens i was envoled in animation 
and so combining this with painting forms a hybrid verision of stop frame progression.. all in all the 
results proved very good... so with a recent arts council of wales creative award i used this show to 
put together a visual exciting and hopefully stunning piece... the word imagination had been in my 
mind lately, the fact that here's a word that is hardly ever used when describing art... so the idea here 
was to put a show together that uses this word as its central plank...
                the gallery is saturated with a video projection fired through lenses to produce a 360 effect.. 
on one wall there is a drawing made from light and on the other a painting used in the animation 
process... then there are the two boxes that contain the mirrors for showing the animation... these are 
good... how do you know what is a good bit of art...? well for me one of the ways is how many times 
you come back to view it... these boxes have that function... they exploit the viewer to its full 
potentional and gives the viewer a fairly good stimulation in return... this show isn't just for people who 
like art, its also for poeple who don't like art... and the critisims have all been very good... its gives 
people a sense of excitement... it fills people with interest for a subject that they didn't have...

anyway apart from blowing my own trumpet here... i hoped that the show would have been seen by the 
selectors of our national eisdefodd held here in wales  once a year....

we got some coverage of it going out on tv this monday 3pm s4c wales tv on 'wedi 3'... their website 
gives the opportunity to view the show up to seven days later.. just google 'wedi 3 s4c' and the link 
should come up....
my website is and we will be taking some of these animation 
boxes up to london in april 2008 where they will play a part of or exhibiton at the john martin gallery...

all the best
neale howells

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