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supersize vs. superskinny, channel 4

From:     blp
Category: TV
Date:     12 February 2008
Time:     03:04 PM


A slightly confusing concoction. A ludicrously fat person has to swap diets with an underweight
person. In some ways it looks like a corrective to Gillian McKeith, as the skinny person always ends
up eating the kind of beigey yellow deep fry shite she regularly warns her bloaters away from. It
kind of makes sense to point out that there's tunnel vision on both sides, but meanwhile, McKeith
herself undoes some of the good work by popping up to cheerlead for anorexics,  storming high
streets around the UK with sensitively worded signs reading 'Ban Big Bums!' and invasively feeling
up normal sized looking women to tell them, 'You could do with losing a bit of the padding from your
seat, love!' 

Meanwhile, there's another slot where a slightly overweight woman tries slimming fads (living off
baby food, taking ephedrine, which is speed) and reveals them all to be fucking loony. This is
really good. The bit where she met two dolly bird speed freaks was simply classic TV ('We don't want
to take nothing that will hurt us' jabbered the stupider looking one, 'we've done our research;
we're not stupid.' This just  prior to a doctor explaining that speed can cause heart attacks). 

At the end, the 'superskinny' and the 'supersized' are given and identical diet, but we aren't told
what it is.

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