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Re: atlantis art materials shop - slow demise 05/02/2008

From:     angelina
Category: Consumer
Date:     07 February 2008
Time:     04:49 AM


My two penny's worth-
Went to Atlantis to buy two large pieces of paper, so large that I had to get paper assistant to
carry it over to desk for me, he wrapped up and I paid and left shop.  Went home to discover that
there was only one piece in the wrapping, when I had been charged for two.  Expensive paper at just
under tenner a piece. Immediately phone shop, shop assistant who shall remain anonymous takes my
details, will pass on to manager who will probably authorise credit note and you will get call back
on Monday he says.  Of course no call, I call again on Wed.
Me: Hello blahblahblah (explain everything again)
Atlantis: That shop assistant you spoke to only works on weekends
Me: He said he'd pass details on to manager
A: Which manager?
Me: Err, don't know, a manager...
A:I'll transfer you to the managers' office(transfers me)
Me: Hello blahblah blah
A: Can I take your details?
Me: I left them on Sunday but here you are again- blah blah
A: Ok we don't seem to have the details but can send you a credit note 
Me: Hurray thanks
Two minutes later get a call back
A: We need to see  your receipt before authorising a credit note
Me: (Thinking, well actually that's not really proof that there was only one piece of paper in the
roll) I can, but the receipt's really faint as it's printed on one of those till rolls
A:Can you send in the original?
Me: Not really, need it for my accounts
A: Is there a credit card slip?
Me: I don't really feel secure about sending the slip as it has the whole number and expiry date on
it.  Anyhow I bought other things on that day so you wouldn't be able to see the items individually.
 If I told you the date and time the transaction was made, as on the credit card slip, you might be
able to find the receipt on your till roll from Sunday?
A: Erm... ok ok no problem we'll send you a credit note
That was yesterday. I'm hoping the saga is over but I will remain sceptical until I have the credit
note in my hands.  I know there's no way that I could really prove that I was telling the truth, but
the mistake happened at the point the original sales person wrapped the paper and clearly marked the
wrapping as containing TWO sheets...and really I don't think I could be arsed or ingenious enough to
concoct such a lie...I could have put my foot down and said I wanted to get the paper delivered - as
now I have to got to Atlantis again to pick the darn paper up. 

Sorry , this is probably quite a boring rant but this has moved me to write on WWR which I hardly
ever do these days, so clearly this has been something that has really got up my nose.  Am off
downstairs to check the post now...

So, where does everyone else go shopping for their art stuff now- any suggestions? What's Paintworks
like?  having no car and being in east London it's a bit of a pain to go to John Jones...

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