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Henry Krokatsis, See Better Daze at the David Risley Gallery

From:     ILL
Category: Art
Date:     05 February 2008
Time:     04:57 PM


Another show with a silly name, its all the rage, put a silly name on your show and you are funny and 
clever and stupid all at once, its wonderful how words can be understood in different ways. Language 
is fascinating and gallerists and artists are excellent at exploiting it. The pun, the word play, the 
double entendre. Ha ha ha aren't they funny, it could mean this, it could mean that, it could mean any 
thing, the fact is these titles don't have a meaning and that is why they are so great and that is why 
artists like them so much because they don't have any thing to say - other than something wishy 
washy that will be wishy washed away.  

The art was a bit like a designers show room, with a dead goat in it.

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