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Hotel Kyjev Bratislava Slovakia

From:     world travel
Category: Consumer
Date:     31 January 2008
Time:     04:36 PM


A tower block hotel next to the Tescos. It must be one of my favourite hotels, not because it has high 
levels of luxury, there are no saunas or cable tvs or swimming pools, but because of the elegance of 
its 1970s interiors. The 9th floor has the best colour schemes, the rooms with their pale carpets, white 
walls, oval mirror,  low slung chairs, and high-level views may make you think you have died and gone 
to an off-white heaven or ascended the magic mountain. Avoid a room on the side with the enormous 
ad filtering the light some disturbing colours perchance to disrupt sleep.

The breakfast buffet is pleasurable too, a wide range including bacon, hotdogs, fruit juices, cereals, 
different types of bread, a few cheeses, pastries, fried and scrambled eggs, tea, coffee, fruit, and 
leftovers from the previous night's dinner. An end of level boss in muscle strained waist coat limps 
around keeping an eye on the teenagey staff who are the security guards of the hot tables and 
prevent hijinks with the toast machine (will always remind me of the university).

The wood panelling, the lift which wobbles and doesn't seem to want to stop at the right level before 
mulishly agreeing, the carpet which smooths it way up to cover the skirting, the semi-circular 
staircase from lobby to restaurant, the clocks showing times in paris, london, and tokyo, yes all the 
faded glamour of communist dignity. They are the elements which make the Hotel kyjev or kiev, (there 
is a hotel bratislava in kiyev).

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