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From:     C.M.
Category: Art
Date:     30 January 2008
Time:     09:58 PM


26 January 18 April 2008 

An afternoon with paintings that make you remember you love art.

Maybe it was the americano coffee I had before entering the show, or the fact I was with a good friend and we were skipping 
doing any work, well, whatever it was, I enjoyed every room in the gallery and am keen to write a supporting review for the 'From 
Russia' show on at the Royal Academy. 

Busy, yes, the place was packed with people (people like my parents on vacation) wearing those funny head gear pieces that 
tell you 'the story' of every work. And although they were standing just inches from the painting or enough to obstruct  your view, 
it was good to see so many people admiring the grand works, it gave it prestige!

A survey of 55 years -some realism, impressionism, and primitivism and a bit of CUBO-futurism!  There are some big names 
and some WOW! factor paintings that you may have only seen in your art history reader.  I guess also, because it was a 
pleasant surprise to see a collection like this on a random Wednesday afternoon, I was tickled!  In the press release its 
Matisse's 'Dance' that is to be selling the tickets, but I agree that his 'Red Room' steals the show! Its the kind of painting you 
want stand in front of forever, then rush home and pull out your paints and try a little yourself.  If you could, you would take it 
home, put it above your kitchen table and stare at it every day.

I guess I may be a little disappointed tomorrow morning while I eat my toast.

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