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THE Crisis

From:     art market armageddon
Category: Art
Date:     24 January 2008
Time:     07:22 AM


Once their stocks and bonds are in freefall and their property's not tripling in price every three months, 
will the rich stop buying the trinkets and baubles and artists that decorate their lives. Will the Hedge 
Fund managers sell short the global economy and go long on contemporary art, or will the boom dry 
out like a globally warmed creek now just another anselm kiefer. If the the bubble bursts will people 
still flock to the east end in their chauffeur driven cars to pick up a little controversy and a kick in their 
ass from some mouthy young artists. Have the monetarists wreaked one hell of a mashed up mess 
and will the Keynsians sort it out by burying damien hirsts in coal mines?

Is art the first luxury to be thrown off the sinking ship of fools in this gilded age, is the good ship boom 
bust going under?



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