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runs from 31 January til 1st March

Category: ArtExhibitions
Date:     23 January 2008
Time:     09:35 AM


The weird worlds and dark heart tales of Geraldine Swayne - a new exhibition of paintings, drawings 
and prints at the aquarium

31 January- 1 March 2008

London based painter Geraldine Swayne will be launching her first solo exhibition Cracks in Time at 
the aquarium, showing not only her most recent work but also introducing a number of new projects – 
the publication of an artists’ book, a 10” single and a live performance on Valentine’s Day. 

Painter, writer musician, photographer and film maker, Geraldine Swayne makes darkly seductive 
paintings which evolve from a metaphysical world peopled of strange, lost and loved characters, both 
imagined and known by the artist. These are coaxed out of paint and ink in a highly charged manner 
that shows a dextrous and emotive understanding of the materials and the subject without pandering 
to the illustrative. Her work talks openly to the viewer, while retaining its mystery and hidden causes.

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