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clinton obama debates and the other guy with the cheesy smile

From:     polly corp
Category: TV
Date:     22 January 2008
Time:     11:46 AM


The latest CNN debates for South Carolina were viscerally actually contentious debates between an 
angry african american guy and a white woman, and a funny little white male called John Edwards 
who should just give up. Hillary is way way underrated as a speaker, she is both clear and 
passionate, though the misogynists will describe her performance as snappy, shrewish, bitchy, 
overwrought. Obama is more laid back but genuinely generated anti-Bill anger and seemed to lose 
his cool, which the racists will ascribe to his race. He starts answering then sort of breaks down with a 
little pause or reconsideration, more human, but ruins the flow.

Edwards, occasionally, very occasionally, turns his souther my fathu wuz a mill worka spiel into 
something heatfelt and real, but usually he sounds like a machine for sentimental rhetoric, and hard to 
stomach from a millionaire lawyaaa. 

Conclusion. Hillary should win and may win. Obama can do the soaring hope but is short on details 
and gets trapped in defence (always losing ground) with obvious political mistakes. They both beat 
him up on his voting record ( present is neither yes or no, and looks weak and calculating). But 
Barack is more easy to respect and warm to (cos he is tall man?) and that will make this a tough fight. 
Good news is that the economy is going down the tubes and the democrats must WIN.

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