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the plinth is back, trafalgar square, my verdict

From:     fourth estate
Category: Art
Date:     08 January 2008
Time:     07:45 PM


Anthony Gormless: when will artists ever tire of this man of the people crap. why not just make 
something beautiful and momumental, and stop pretending you care about the little guy, the nobodys 
want art that uplifts them, but not literally. or perhaps I am wrong and   the dumbos DO prefer art which 
is for the playground and indulges their self importance(see tate modern turbine hall).

Bob and Roberta Smith: At least its big and looks like something and is not all faux modest. I am bit 
tired of all this antiwar shit, but cest la vie, cest la guerre.

Tracey Emin: ah, sweet meercats. what's the catch? nothing. whats the point? more pandering to the 

Jeremy Deller: the war. again. boriiiiiiiing.

Yinka Shonibare: twee conceptualism. but would prove popular.

anus kapoor: looks like housing estate satellite dishes, this element redeems kaboors normal work.

So the verdict: go for Shoni, or bobrob, or make gormley stand on the plinth for the whole time.

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