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lust, caution by ang lee

From:     angie
Category: Films
Date:     06 January 2008
Time:     06:37 PM


Lust, caution is not Ang Lee's follow up to the Hulk, it's more Brokeback Mountain, but this time we 
find the forbidden love happening in wartime shaghai. It's based on a short story and the abrupt and 
unhollywood ending and loose ends are clearly more short story than love story.

Notwithstanding that, it's an aborbing movie with strong performances from the lead actors. The so-
called explicit sex scenes are not that graphic, and if we judged sex by the standards we judge 
violence, then just a couple having sex, a vital part of the plot, would not be cause for comment. It is 
amazing society we live in, that pornography is ubiquitous but we are frightened to make or say 
anything intelligent about love making in films or tv.

Back to Lust, Caution, the slow build up of mahjong and student theatre,  makes the sex and violence, 
and violent sex, all the more powerful. The themes of lost youth and missed moments are seriously 
there, without being shoved down your throat. Yes a good film, well worth seeing. 

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