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Re: stephen nelson at space station 65

From:     Pomphorhynchus
Category: Art
Date:     05 January 2008
Time:     09:39 AM


The painted paper sculptures/structures of Stephen Nelson inhabit the two rooms at Space Station 65 
in North Cross Road SE22 like so many solidified dreams.  Solid, yet insubstantial: organic but 
totemic they repay a visit to this luminous white gallery in this bustling, market street off Lordship 
Lane. Allusions to the solid, everyday world of babies ("Pramface 2007") and human anatomy ("Arm 
Sculpture 2007") resonate in these shells of coloured paper.  I was taken with the Brancusi-like 
balance in Baby Caracalla 2007, with a huge box-like base jumping with ethnic patterning 
surmounted by a tiny dark tubular piece that has implicit mass beyond its size. 

Make a visit before the exhibition ends on January 27th

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