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I'm Not There a film about Bob Dylan by Todd Haynes

From:     J
Category: Art
Date:     22 December 2007
Time:     06:22 AM


I oscillated between squirming in my seat at about halfways stage thinking god aren't hollywood art 
movies terrible pretentious, and by the end feeling happy about art and that im not there had 
something interesting to say about art and feeling the music and the man. Sometime, in the 
mockumentary parts especially, the whole thing seemed to only be suriving because of the music, like 
a pop video.

Cate Blanchett was the most realistic Dylan and also her bits and  Charlotte Gainsboroug's  were the 
ones I focussed on most, like with many multistrand books I often seem to choose one or two to run 
with, my male brain unable to accept multiplicity. 

Not being a dylanista, just an avid reader of film reviews, I knew when something was being 
referenced but not what was being referred to, except in a vague way. The knowing laughter of some 
members of the audience was off-putting. 

Still the cat has nine lives and you are not a pussy if you show them all. Recommendedante!

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