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stephen nelson at space station 65

From:     arts and crafts
Category: Art
Date:     20 December 2007
Time:     05:47 AM


Space station 65 is a good name for this gallery in SE22, especially if you're an eastender, it will feel 
like getting to the moon. Once you have made it, and having congratulated yourself rather too much 
about the journey (the thing about all journeys is that the other party thinks the same thing about you 
that you think about reaching them, thus all is futile moaning), you find yourself in an art gallery.

Nelson's sculptures made of paper and chicken wire and painted on, could in the wrong context
(neighbourhood) remind you of what small town galleries in the USA circa 1977 called Art. If you are 
looking at them in the right way you will be pleased by their visual rhymes and allusions, and be 
thinking happily of Franz West. What's good about them is they look like someone made something 
odd looking and which you have to think about it, with their hands and brain, and that is unusual in a 
sculpture show.

Fly yourself to the moon.

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