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Plastic Zeppelin

From:     Sim
Category: Music
Date:     11 December 2007
Time:     04:13 PM


I've just seen some footage of Led Zeppelin. Two Norwegian guys interviewed for the Guardian fall around in front of the 
camera shouting "we are from Norway and "it was awesome" culminating in "rock on". They are old enought to know better. An 
American couple respond with "world tour.. bring it on".

What is it about rockers? Led Zeppelin is a stopping point for these people. As it is with the Beatles your not allowed to say: 
"actually I never liked them".

Later the lead singer of Deaf Leopard talks abou them changing the world and setting the standard, as if he's talking about 
discoveries in particle physics or the breakthrough in D.N.A. What a vain glorious group these aging rockers are. How 
arrogantly self assured of their place in history. Step aside Buddha and Jesus for a Stairway to Heaven.

There is plenty of really great new music but nobody can make money from it becasue of mp3's I guess. The aging rockers are 
lucky that their fans still buy platinum, double platinum, remixed, remastered etc..... boxed sets. Maybe this is why the media is 
decided not to lampoon it all as nostaligic and mechanistic. Of COURSE they are going to perform well, how could they fail to, 
when the only criteria is was it as good as before.

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