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wallinger quotes

From:     art star
Category: Art
Date:     04 December 2007
Time:     06:16 AM


"The prize was awarded at a ceremony last night at Tate Liverpool - the first time outside London in 
its 23-year history - by actor, director and Easy Rider star Dennis Hopper. Accepting, Wallinger 
praised Haw's "tireless campaign against the folly and hubris of our government's foreign policy". He 
added: "Bring home the troops. Give us back our rights. Trust the people."
State Britain was the worthy winner, he believed: "It was the best thing that was shown this year, and I 
don't think I should be humble about it."

He added: "I think it's regrettable that people have been so quiescent about what the Serious 
Organised Crime Act has done to people who want to demonstrate. It is against Magna Carta, and 
that was produced in 1215, before democracy. It's important these freedoms are fought for and 

Haw professed himself delighted with Wallinger's win, saying he and the artist "shared the same 
heart" - despite Haw having told him "politely to piss off' when first approached. Asked whether he 
would share the prize money with Haw, Wallinger said "what I do with the prize money is my 

At least hes not all sucky up and boring.

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