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The Art of Consumption at the Whitecross Gallery, 122 Whitecross Street London EC1Y 8PU, 24 Nov - 22 December 2007

From:     anonymous
Category: ArtExhibitions
Date:     04 December 2007
Time:     06:16 AM


showcasing recent graduates of Goldsmiths College alongside more established artists, this is a rare 
opportunity to see such a mix of vibrant young talent from the cutting edge: Cesar Baracca, Etienne 
Clement, Kira Kim, Lucy Leonard, Helen Murphy, Jörg, Obergfell, Pei-Shih Tu.

Entering the gallery one is immediately engulfed within a visually stunning feast of colour, 3D illusions, 
and glistening surfaces. Gradually, one discovers that the works are not only desirable but also 
critically stimulating, with seven artists, all conveying unique perspectives on our ambivalent 
relationship to consumer culture.

Each artist takes a refreshingly individual approach, and there is a wide range of media on display, 
including sculpture, textiles, mosaics, collage, photography and digital media. The works have been 
enticingly positioned so that surprises can be discovered around every corner, leading one on a 
journey from the lure of temptation at its most seductive, to the darker moments, and the downright 

This is a very special exhibition.

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