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Re: David Irving and Nick Griffin at the Oxford Union

From:     pol
Category: Art
Date:     28 November 2007
Time:     06:36 PM


I think the tenuous value of arguable intellectual gains of holding up the holocaust to the absurd 
fantasies of holocaust deniers, is outweighed by tthe gains the antisemites and fascists make.
We have choices, that is freedom,  freedom to think carefully who we give a platform to, I am not 
saying ban them, I am saying I wouldnt invite them because their side is not the opposite side of any 
debate just a squalid little hole for delusions. It is not because my faith is challenged, why not debate 
whether the world is round, flat earthers are surely have a right to free speech, do you not want to 
waste your time with them because you are a religious fanatic of empiricism and the globe. 
Holocaust are harmful delusionists, however.

Why not ask insane people to debate, in some descartian model perhaps useful, in practice, not 
much fun or enlightening. I am afraid you are delusional blp in your belief in the power of argument 
over the power of publicity for hate.

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