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A Bridge Too Far, Saturday 10th November

From:     Remi
Category: TV
Date:     23 November 2007
Time:     05:19 AM


I can almost remember seeing this film back in the 80s, so it just about qualified for a second viewing. 
It was a lot more depressing than I understood as a pre-teenager. There was one particular scene 
that struck me, when the boy scout died in Arnhem. I wanted to see how this compared with my 
memory, but I was making tea when it happened. It's entered many discussions since. 

Thought that Ryan O' Neal was too young to be a general. There was nonetheless an impressive 
panoply of stars, making a joyful challenge to keep up with their personalities. It, however, still come 
across as an ordinary anti-war film. The most interesting part was James Caan saving his captain. O, 
captain, my captain!

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