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black and blue restaurant notting hill

From:     flockhart
Category: Consumer
Date:     20 November 2007
Time:     06:43 AM


Black and Blue may not be a great restaurant but its cosy leather booths are a pleasant place to while 
aways ones life. The best thing you can eat there is an ok hamburger with chunky fries, served with a 
range of mustards, ketchups etc. It is a meaty burger with occasionally a hint of the bloody real taste 
of animal flesh. The caesar salad with grilled chicken breast, is some lettuce with a creamy dressing 
a flattened piece of grilled chicken some parmesan and a four or five croutons. The healthy option.

The chips are not great but not terrible either, a bit overweight and possibly having made one too 
many apperances in hot oil for their own good. The steaks in a variety of styles can let the side down, 
appearing to be grilled and cooked to approximately the right level of doneness, they lack flavour, a 
little lemon some more salt a dry rub would all raise their performance. 

Outside the kitsch lamps burn night and day heralding the destruction of forests and fossil fuels, a 
burning desire for the nihilistic ruination of nature to allow us to gaze into the rain watching the well 
high heeled denizens of our high civilisation cruising by, as we munch happily on animal fibres. 

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