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Renaissance Siena: Art for a City at The National Gallery London

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     11 November 2007
Time:     04:47 PM


This is one of those boring shows for grey heads. Not a blockbuster even. Just a little chip off the old 
block. However there are two stunning paintings by Signorelli, which stand out like an erection. They 
are blindingly  out of place, cezanne like modelling of people as forms:  cones and spheres, and 
bulging buttocks. They are out of time, like all good painting. Beautiful. Mystery. Without any tedious 
religious narrative, just a painter painting and when you see them you can feel free of all the audio 
guides and such like that they will ever throw at you.

The free show upstairs of stained glass from the German Renaissance is also surprisingly 
interesting. The glass is illuminated nicely and makes a nice counterpoint to the paintings which must 
find their own glow.

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