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Cheney impeachment move

From:     blp
Category: Other stuff
Date:     11 November 2007
Time:     01:03 PM


Hey, wait a second. Didn't I already post this? Where is it? 

Actually, I'm sure it's just a coincidence, or political campaigners' internet incompetence, but a
lot of the sites that promote this do seem to have functionality problems. As for my previous
article's failure to appear here, maybe I just forgot to click submit. Yeah, that was it.

Anyway, US presidential candidate outsideer Dennis Kucinich is trying to get Cheney impeached with
House Resolution 333. A lot of other Democrats oppose the move for reasons best known to themselves.
After some strange manoeuvering by the Republican reps, who deliberately opposed the Democrat
initiative to table (kill) the resolution, the Democrats opposing it managed to avoid a full scale
debate by getting it sent to a Judiciary Committee. Some of the Democrats on this committee are
waverers, so campaigning now focuses on pressuring them to support impeachment. 

It's all very strange and interesting, but not to any of the major news outlets here in Blighty,
where coverage of Kucinich, as almost everywhere else, focuses on trying to make him look like a
stupid hippy. 

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