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Picasso: L’Artiste, Le Modèle et La Peinture at Helly Nahmad Galery London

From:     art reviews
Category: Art
Date:     07 November 2007
Time:     06:01 AM


This is a nice show of that great art you might enjoy shopping for if you're a billionaire. They take a lot 
of looking if you cant buy. 

Matthew Collings and Emma Biggs have written a catalogue essay with stuff like this: 
"Picasso starts dissecting his own art, picking formats and redoing them in endless repetitions as if 
he is asking, “What is painting?”…it is the role of the artist that he seems to be examining... What 
does a painter do? How is a painting made? How much can you strip away and still produce an 
image that works?” "

True enough but not something we hadn't thought about. We await the Revolution (for which Picasso 
was a paid up plotter) to liberate art from its commodity status, art this good should not be in a cork 
street shop. The Tate Modern, our greatest museum, has a pathetic selection of late great Picassos 
compared to this. Is that right?

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