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The Staff Turner Prize Tate Britain, late at tate event

From:     arts and farts
Category: Art
Date:     03 November 2007
Time:     07:49 AM


I thought this was a good idea, seemed to say interesting stuff about the whole caboodle. I wonder if it 
had been done in the 1970s if it would have been a lot angrier, but now we must all be nice or 
completely over the top or noone will listen. The videos presenting the four nominees were nicely 
made with good background music. Then some comedians presented a short speech about each of 
the artists, as I have a personal phobia of stand up comedy I had to leave the room, although I 
managed to avoid a complete nervous breakdown.

Outside music was echoing round crowds of young people who appeared to believe that Late at Tate 
was a student mixer or slow-dating for the artyish crowd. It was equally terrifying as the comedy. I hid 
in one of the empty art galleries, people really have no interest in this muck, and they should clear out 
most of it and turn the spaces into cool bars andDj rooms with few Damien spot paintings to keep the 
art end up. In the turner prize of turner prize exhibition there was a lovely Malcolm Morley painting that 
I would like to keep when they need the space for some more Keith Tysons.

Back in the staff turner prize, the winner was two women who paint naked women, which was my 
favorite, and they got 100, which put it in perspective. I then escaped from Late in Tate with most of 
my faculties intact, and feeling more access for art is a mixed grill of a blessing.

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