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Re: Frieze Art Fair bans people giving out leaflets

From:     anonymos 261 not for sale my books repete
Category: Art
Date:     14 October 2007
Time:     12:29 PM


Nothing to stop you walking around with a bill board on except maybe your pride, I saw a french artist near the road crossing to 
the subway giving out flyers along with art tactic and other free flyers and bumpfh, it was just the frieze area that was kept free 
not all the land that surrounds it, and you got to admit you're paying to go see an event not just an art fair, frieze "rocks", not 
always fantastically and I personally enjoyed the playful funness of last year compared to the icy coolness of this year. 
This is not to say that thier is anything wrong with icy coolness, it's just that only a few galleries pulled it off well in my opinium 
where as a lot of spaces kicked arse last year with the joyful playful cute work. For me icy coolness only works when you get a 
feeling of it's untouchability, like the point at which the nightclub in blade turns from people out enjoying themselves to blood 
bar. Something which never happens at Frieze as thier are so many rich people around that gallerists turn in to mosquitoes, 
thier are more rich people looking for buys that artists and in London that is something to wonder at. I prefered the chancers not 
sending troups of people down to flyer me with rubbish as I usually talk to the folk with flyers, most are not being paid and are on 
work experience or interns (-slave labour for galleries and artists with illiusions of grandure, thay take the beautiful energetic 
young out of education and make them stand in the rain giving out flyers while not a hundred feet away is an event curated to 
make it so easy for them to gain connections and paid work in the warm). The chancers themselves are never handing out flyers 
themselves, the french artist on the other hand was cool, he'd taken a piece of work cut it into 10 000 pieces nd was handing it 
out, that's dedication, I'll add his name as a comment to this comment when I get around to going through all the magazines I've 
collected from Frieze (arttactic is good it was given out on the sreet the people were paid), Zoo (launched a great mag, it's new 
and fresh with a great interview section in the centre with a cream of the art sceans emerged artists in it Boo Ritson is on the 
cover and takes the magazines interview virginity, it's coll find someone who went to zoo and read it), Pulse (talked about as the 
best fair this year buy the american buyers I was showing around town), Pilot.03 (on tour from Venice, it's educational, and 
online!! keynote conversations and subjects are addressed here for those that like educating themselves about art, and a 
strange curiosity, a free catalogue from "the free art fair" by Harry Pye, it's more of an instruction manual to how the free art fair 
was organised more than anything else, how everybody involved got together and gave some 40 000 pounds worth of art to the 
organisors who in turn have given it all away on a first come first serve basis, crazy!, first thought about as "oh god, not another 
one of those anti frieze art fairs" but as the week progressed it was in every paper in London, those worth reading and those not, 
but where ever a mention of Frieze came up so did "The free art fair", I've just spoken by phone through a friend attending the 
fair to the person at the front of the queue, he'd been there for 26 hours, I think he deserves a work of art, he was happy to talk 
and had been interviewed by bbc news 24, he was one happy puppy. Not only wil he get a free work of art but "the free art fair 
have given him fifteen minutes of fame" I think they are the new Andy Warhol. Give us more more more free art.

Ban leaflets unless they are free limited editions works of art! If you really want to address the issue ask for frieze to add a page 
to thier website of leaflets they banned from the space, they could call it 
"a space to view leaflets by companies, artists and galleries who believe in slave labour and are cheep"

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