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year 07 art fair county hall london

From:     ralph
Category: Art
Date:     12 October 2007
Time:     05:42 AM


Nothing much wrong with this as compared to frieze. The art is smaller and slightly worse, the spaces 
are a bit warreny, and the location itself is fine. What it lacks is rich folk. The crowd at the opening 
seemed to be mainly artists, nothing wrong with them, but the frieze crowd has a ratio of artists to rich 
people in inverse proportion. And that's it, the whole thing in a nut shell, or a ratio. Rich people are the 
best thing in the entire world and we love and adore and admire them. Art fairs are crap without 
hundreds of them swarming around reeking of perfume and well-cut suits and bouffy clean hair and 
gold and proper make-up.

When your paper-boy starts an art fair you know the market is about to crash. You read it here first.

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